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"Thank you for doing such excellent research.
We can't imagine how we could proceed without
your guidance and information."

"We're thrilled that you were able to arrange for this specialty consult at the Mayo Clinic for us!  Thank you SO much, David. This is wonderful news and
just what we wanted!
We appreciate you
so very much."

"Once again, thank you, David. Knowing that you're on our side makes such a difference in our ability to handle this."


People facing difficult decisions about their health require attentive expert guidance and support. I can personally assist you by finding answers to your pressing healthcare questions such as:

How can I…

  • Receive the best treatment and care for my illness?
  • Discover the best options to pursue, in both mainstream as well as alternative medicine?
  • Identify additional resources beyond what my health care provider can offer?
  • Make the best decision about what course to follow?
  • Face challenging health diagnoses like cancer and chronic illnesses more peacefully and apply this attitude to the decisions I face?
  • Find guidance and oversight of care for my elderly parents’ health condition?

To best answer all your questions and assist you in your decision-making process, I provide medical research, consulting and medical advocacy services on an hourly fee basis. These services include:

Researching the best practices and newest treatments for your health condition

Searching for proven options in complementary and alternative medicine practices

Identifying leading US and international medical specialists in your health condition and consulting with them about your specific case, or arranging for an evaluation for you

Reviewing and writing a summary of your case history and current medical problems to facilitate your healthcare

Creating a personalized health action plan around your health condition to prioritize health goals and identify needed resources and services

Providing assistance in navigating the health system by finding a local medical specialist and helping with referrals

Assisting you to prepare a comprehensive list of questions for your providers

Investigating any potential interactions among your medications and providing a drug interaction report

Communicating directly with any of your primary health providers

Supporting you emotionally and spiritually through challenging health conditions like cancer, chronic illness, and life-threatening diagnosis

As a primary health care physician for over 30 years, I well understand patient frustrations about the lack of time available to patients to discuss critical health issues with their doctor. As your Medical Advocate, I will take the time you need to answer your questions so that you comfortably understand your diagnosis, potential treatment options and best practices available along with their associated risks and benefits. I will help formulate questions for your health practitioner that might provide answers that were previously overlooked.

I draw upon my extensive medical background to offer objective, holistic advice. As your Medical Advocate, I will help you build a healthcare support team around you and work with your doctors, not take their place.

Working together, our goal will be to pursue the best health care solutions available for you in both Western and complementary medicine.


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