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About Medical Advocacy


"You are very kind and I appreciate your taking time to talk with me about wide-ranging issues. As a result, I left on vacation and I was able to leave my disturbing thoughts at home. Thank you."

"I appreciate your efficiency and effectiveness in all of your work."

"Thank you so much for the life (and mind!)-saving guidance and assistance you've provided us."


Seeking healthcare today can be confusing and impersonal. Current health practices often mean reduced care with limited options. Sometimes conflicting interests of medical practitioners can even obscure the best treatments. As a result, when facing difficult health decisions, impartial, personalized guidance is often more valuable than accepting biased and unchallenged routines. This type of professional guidance can be provided by an experienced health practitioner through Medical advocacy.

In general, a Patient Advocate acts as a bridge between patient and healthcare provider. A Patient Advocate can provide a review of current medical literature as a service to the patient, family or healthcare provider as requested. A Patient Advocate can also help maintain communication with the patient and healthcare provider to help ensure patient understanding of procedures, thereby reducing fear and increasing patient compliance, resulting in a higher percentage of successful treatment. As such, a Patient Advocate is a vital instrument to both patient and physician in the optimal delivery of healthcare.

Beyond the research, understanding and advice that a lay Patient Advocate can offer, a physician Medical Advocate can provide a deeper level of expertise and guidance from their extensive experience in medicine and medical practice. A Medical Advocate serves as a kind of private medical detective for their clients. Through a careful review of a client’s medical records combined with an investigation of the current medical literature on a client’s condition, a Medical Advocate can uncover possible oversights in care and identify new potential treatment options.