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"Thank you for your list of key questions to Dr. (X). These questions are so important and the vast majority of people go in for surgery without asking them."

"Your consult with Dr. (X) (nationally known hip surgeon) was excellent news! Thank you so much for locating him and creating this conversation. We feel so very fortunate to have your counsel. I'm so relieved to have more research opinions."


Dr. David Silver, MD, MPH, is a caring and compassionate Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician who has practiced primary care medicine for over 26 years in the Denver-Metro area. He is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he teaches Public Health.

Dr. Silver embraces a philosophy of medical care that views physical and mental aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment. He co-founded Wellspring, Partners in Health, one of Colorado’s first holistic health practices. His other explorations beyond the conventional medical world include studying and practicing in several Yoga and meditation communities, and training in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy as well as in Process Therapy.

Dr. Silver completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and attended medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University. With a growing interest in the health problems of the world’s poor, he completed his MPH (Masters in Public Health) through Loma Linda University, and has worked part-time as a technical advisor for health projects in Vietnam, Guatemala, Uganda, Kenya, India, and the West Bank.